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- M/s. Gerhard Petri KG, West Germany
Parallel Groove Connectors, (Types: T-150 and T-155).

- M/s. China National Machinery & Equipment, Import & Export Corp., Tientsin Branch, China.
132 KV and 66 KV Circuit Breakers.

- M/s. Emek Elektrik Endustrisi A.S., Ankara, Turkey.
5 KVAR, 10 KVAR and 20 KVAR L. T. Capacitors. 245 KV and 145 KV Current Transformers and 145 KV Potential Transformers. 145 KV, 20KA, Current Transformers. 245 KV Current Transformers and 245 KV Capacitive Voltage Transformers. Aluminum Connectors for 245 KV Current Transformers. 132 KV
and 66 KV Line and Bus Disconnecting Switches.

- M/s. China National Machinery & Equipment, Import & Export Corp., Tianjin Branch, China.
Spare Parts for Chinese Make 132KV Circuit Breakers, Type: WG-145.
Mobile Diesel Engine Generating Sets, 125 KVA.

Supply of Drawing and Drafting Instruments.

- Ms. NKT (Aktieselskabet Nordiske Kabel-OG Traadfabriker), Denmark.
Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 132 KV XLPE Underground Power Cables, (Double Circuit). Repair Work of 132 KV Underground Power Cable System

- M/s. Hyosung Corporation, Seoul, Korea.
Supply of Single Phase and Three Phase A. C. Contactors

- M/s. Cellpack Limited, Wohlen, Switzerland.
Supply of Outdoor/Indoor Termination Kits and Straight Joints for 1000 MCM and 500 MCM Power Cables. Outdoor and Indoor Termination Kits for 11 KV Power Cables.

- M/s. China National Machinery & Equipment, Import & Export Corporation, Tianjin Branch, China.
Lineman Rubber Insulating Gloves, (Gauntlet Type). 132 KV Ball & Socket Type Porcelain Disc Insulators.

- M/s. C. ITOH & CO. LTD., Tokyo, Japan.
Supply of 132 KV and 66 KV Lightning Arrestors. 198 KV Lightning Arrestors. ISUZU Trucks of 9.9 Tons Capacity. 120 KV, 60 KV and 12 KV Lightning Arrestors. Supply of 245 KV Current Transformers.

- M/s. Altec Industries, U.S.A. and M/s. HINOPAK, Lahore.
Insulated Bucket Mounted Utility Vehicles.

- M/s. Heilongjiang Machinery and Equipment, Import and Export Corp., Harbin, China.
Insulated Bucket Mounted Utility Vehicles.

- M/s. SUCOFIT, Switzerland.
Heat Shrinkable Splices (Un-Armoured) for LT PVC Cables, (Aluminum).

- M/s. Shaanxi Machinery, Imp. & Exp. Corp., China.
198 KV and 120 KV Lightning Arrestors 132 Kv Capacitor Banks

- M/s. Arruti Subestaciones, S.A
Terminal Connectors.

- M/s Nissin Electric Co Ltd Japan
11 KV/200KVAR CAPACITOR. 200Kv NSN’s Shunt Capacitor

- M/s Enervac USA/ Canada
Supply of Mobil oil Purification.

- M/s Fushun Electric Porcelain Works China
Supply of 500/200/132Kv C.T’s, CCVT’s, & S/Arrestors

- M/s Chauvin France
Supply of testing equipment

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